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There's more details on the news front regarding Prospect Park's quest to place the ABC ending soaps "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" online and on cable.

The final two paragraphs has the basic gist of what this website is about. Did I try this newsi out? Yes, I did. It's type of odd and fun at the same time. I guess the best way to describe this website is that is an interactive web site for you to get your information via searching and doodling.

It's Wordpress's simplicity and concentrate on the core functions of online publishing that tends to make it a winner as a CMS for me. It's the zen, minimalist CMS geared in the direction of the most important job at hand: publishing.

What happens to all those Wavers that think [i]Getting Links = Seo[/i] when that vast majority of the Google algo is devalued in numerous methods? Wavers built their fortunes on "links=seo". When that goes absent, the Wavers have zero to hold on to.

Of program, with this change, there is also consequences. Simply because getting your content material on-line becomes so easy, people think everything ought to be that way. Because then, entrepreneurs arrive up with suggestions to flood the lookup engines with junk to get totally free visitors. They publish reduced high quality content material.

When I arrived at the homepage of DoodleBuzz, I observed a fifty percent circle looking drawing with some squiggles. There had been what seemed to be headlines for news items extending out from more info this drawn fifty percent circle. It almost seemed like a part of the sun with rays extending out. It was some thing that was hard to miss because it took up a large chunk of the upper still left-hand corner. It looked like something a child was attempting to make and buggered it up in the procedure.

So if Totally free and easy wasn't sufficient, then ideally all of these additional advantages of using WordPress have convinced you. If you can believe of any other advantages, please go to and post a comment and obtain our totally free WordPress themes.

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